hole by hole

Set on the rolling highlands above the City of Cranbrook, British Columbia, Wildstone exposes postcard views of the Canadian Rockies from start to finish.  With five Par 5's, five Par 3's and eight Par 4's the course offers a stunning variety of options and holes that are memorable, scenic, fair but challenging.  The attention to detail is obvious as you navigate your way through the course and play the variety of shots that the course demands.  The subtle shaping, dramatic bunkering, unique collection areas and undulating greens are some of the highlights that make Wildstone a very enjoyable golf experience.Hole by Hole descriptions are by: Jeff Lawrence, Senior Designer for Gary Player Design.

HOLE 1 | PAR 5

Black 536 | Blue 522 | White 486 | Red 445 | Gold 387

This is a fun and straight forward par 5 that provides ample space to begin your round of golf. Slightly uphill tee shot will make this hole play longer than the yardage indicates on the scorecard. Enjoy the visual presence of the bunkering, especially the sod wall bunker on the right side of the green, however, avoid this bunker as it will prove to be a challenge to get out.

HOLE 2 | PAR 4

Black 488 | Blue 442 | White 412 | Red 378 | Gold 310

This downhill par 4 requires an accurate tee shot. The approach shot is a bit deceiving as the left bunker short of the green is visually deceptive, choose your club wisely. Landing the ball short of the green and letting it run up may be a viable option. Enjoy the beautiful mountain views on this hole!

HOLE 3 | PAR 4

Black 457 | Blue 423 | White 395 | Red 361 | Gold 295

One of the more challenging par 4’s on the golf course, this hole plays very long as it is all uphill. Your tee shot must be long and straight to help reduce the length of the approach shot. The green complex is very interesting and will require accuracy to ensure a good score on this hole.

HOLE 4 | PAR 4

Black 320 | Blue 283 | White 253 | Red 238 | Gold 222

This very strategic short par 4 requires patience and good decision making off the tee. You can choose to go for the green on your tee shot, but the best approach is to position your tee shot between the fairway bunkers which will leave you with a short iron to this interesting green. Accuracy on your approach shot will be necessary if you are to have a reasonable chance at birdie or par.

HOLE 5 | PAR 4

Black 380 | Blue 360 | White 351 | Red 299 | Gold 255

A little mystery on your tee shot with a stunning mountain backdrop will provide an interesting and captivating start to this downhill par 4. You will likely have a slightly awkward stance on your approach shot that will make your second shot quite interesting, especially with water looming left of the green. There is ample room right of the green, so favor middle to right side to minimize your chance of hitting it into the pond. Green tilts slightly from front to back.

HOLE 6 | PAR 3

Black 152 | Blue 143 | White 123 | Red 113 | Gold 91

This short and sporty par 3 is visually stunning. The pond is more for aesthetics than strategy, so concentrate your efforts placing your tee shot on the correct portion of this green as it has tricky contouring that will test your putting skills. Once again, enjoy the mountain backdrop on this hole.

HOLE 7 | PAR 5

Black 604 | Blue 576 | White 545 | Red 511 | Gold 465

The first par 5 on the golf course that requires accuracy and discipline. This is a narrow golf hole with plenty of trouble to find along the right hand side, so play this hole conservatively and you will be rewarded. 3 wood tee shot recommended.

HOLE 8 | PAR 3

Black 183 | Blue 161 | White 152 | Red 122 | Gold 99

A challenging and beautiful par 3 that is protected by three bunkers. Accuracy will be a premium on this hole as there is little room for error if you miss the green. A viable option is to run the ball up between the left and center bunkers and two putt for your par. This hole is more demanding than it appears, play it wisely.

HOLE 9 | PAR 5

Black 503 | Blue 477 | White 459 | Red 442 | Gold 405

A fun and strategic par 5 to finish the front nine. The island of trees in the landing area requires you to choose what side you want to play your tee shot. If you play left of the island it is a shorter distance to the green, however, a more challenging angle. Right of the island is likely the more conservative shot and one that will provide a better angle into the green if you are going for it in two. The second shot requires accuracy and careful placement to get the best angle into the long and narrow undulating green. This hole has many options that may require you to play it several times before you master the strategic value of this unique hole.

HOLE 10 | PAR 5

Black 521 | Blue 480 | White 461 | Red 413 | Gold 364

This is a beautiful par 5 playing slightly downhill. Carefully placed bunkers will challenge the second and third shots. Notice the pin placement before you hit your second shot as placement of your second shot will be critical if you want to have the best angle into the green. Enjoy the simple beauty of this tree lined hole.

HOLE 11 | PAR 4

Black 435 | Blue 408 | White 372 | Red 312 | Gold 283

A fairly straight forward par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot. Ideally, hit your tee shot down the left side to ensure you don’t get blocked out by the trees on the right. Avoid the left greenside bunker as it is quite deep. This green is very accessible which may provide a good opportunity for birdie.

HOLE 12 | PAR 3

Black 163 | Blue 152 | White 130 | Red 101 | Gold 80

Enjoy the water feature on this hole as it provides a tranquil setting for this short, but demanding par 3. Anywhere on the putting surface on your tee shot should be considered a victory. Make sure you choose the correct club as this green complex can be deceiving. Par on this hole and you’re doing well.

HOLE 13 | PAR 5

Black 531 | Blue 501 | White 470 | Red 415 | Gold 372

This short dogleg left par 5 has a narrow landing area protected by bunkers on the right and native grasses on the left. The residual shot(s) into this green are pretty straight forward so this may be a good opportunity to make birdie.

HOLE 14 | PAR 4

Black 483 | Blue 458 | White 423 | Red 387 | Gold 350

A long and demanding uphill par 4 provides simplicity, yet visual drama with the interesting greenside bunkering. Although this hole appears straightforward, it has simple nuances that will test your game.

HOLE 15 | PAR 3

Black 242 | Blue 215 | White 193 | Red 163 | Gold 138

This long and demanding par 3 is the first of two back-to-back par 3’s on this unique layout. The green is large and quite accessible with length being the challenge on this hole. Although this may seem like a simple and slightly understated golf hole, don’t underestimate its challenging nature.

HOLE 16 | PAR 3

Black 174 | Blue 167 | White 149 | Red 134 | Gold 106

Once again, appreciate the stream and pond feature that dominates this hole. A medium length par three that requires distance control and accuracy to hit the putting surface on your tee shot.

HOLE 17 | PAR 4

Black 423 | Blue 404 | White 392 | Red 357 | Gold 323

Playing slightly downhill, this hole has an abundance of character. The right fairway bunker frames the right side of the landing area while a grouping of trees on the left may come into play. The approach shot is the most demanding on the golf course with a green that will likely create some interesting discussions. This green reverts back to the old style “Pinehurst #2” greens that require extreme accuracy and mental toughness. Hint: hit your approach shot to the center of the green regardless of the pin placement.

HOLE 18 | PAR 4

Black 532 | Blue 497 | White 467 | Red 438 | Gold 402

This finishing hole has beauty and difficulty wrapped in one. A risk/reward scenario offers a tempting option on the tee shot. Carry the right bunker and you will hit the downslope and be rewarded by the ball rolling for many yards. The percentage play is to hit an accurate tee shot between the bunkers and then have a mid to long iron into the green. The green and surrounding contours are challenging, yet will reward a good shot. Most importantly, notice the visually beauty of Mother Nature in the background (Fisher Peak). This is a demanding par 4, but all good golf courses end with a memorable and challenging finish.